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Could Happen

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Featured Fanshot

Evander Kane and the Los Angeles Kings: Talking Trade Rumors on Buffalo Radio (AUDIO)

This morning, I jumped on WGR 550 in Buffalo to discuss the recent Evander Kane rumors with Howard and Jeremy, who host the station's morning sports talk show. We'll have a longer article addressing the rumors -- including additional breakdown of who would potentially go the other way IF it happened -- but for now, here's seven minutes of talk.

Featured Fanshot

"He’s going to have a huge year. We all know it."

"He’s going to have a huge year. We all know it."
- an unnamed Western Conference ...

(POLL) Will Kopitar Be a 10-Million-Dollar Player?

With Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane breaking the barrier, we can't help but notice a looming contract in the distance...

Back from Sweden? Sizing Up Bud Holloway

One of the Kings' brightest prospects departed for Sweden two years ago, but a return might be on the horizon. Is he the answer to our left wing troubles? Is he coming at all?

Were the Kings' next playoff home games leaked?

Can we plan our lives now?

My idea of realignment

Another Philly to Philly West trade rumor

Kings' New Simplified Power Play Revealed!

Arranging Payback for Erik Cole: a CBA question

The Kings' Five Burning Questions

Los Angeles Kings 2010-11 Season Preview

JftC Western Conference Predictions are in!

Goal Targets and Crazy Talk

Greene's Injury Changes the Summer Plan

Roster Quickie

Irrational Non-Binding Kings Roster Musings

Because that's what you're supposed to do in July. Not this other nonsense.

Revisiting (my) Pre-Season Targets

What I predicted and what happened

Oh and by the way...

Kings' First Round Opponent is... (post-loss update)

Playoff Match-Ups 100% Settled in the West!

Baseless Predictions

All utterly fictional and pointless.

Who thought Moulson could do that?

RudyKelly's 2011-12 Los Angeles Kings

Two Kings blogs face off on the future. Or something equally catchy.

A Kings Fan's Guide to Panic

Know how and when to lose your mind.

Kings Have 21 Games to Get 18 Points

Unless you think 96 points won't be enough...

Getting Back On The Tracks

The Los Angeles Kings come back from the 2010 Vancouver Olympic break with 4 out of 5 athletes getting medals. The next week has the Kings playing three games and the trade deadline comes into affect.

I keep hearing it's going to take 97 or 98 points to get into the playoffs in the West

But I don't think so.

Algorithm Plays Out Rest of Season; Kings Make Playoffs 9,800,000 Times (UPDATED)

Just because this post doesn't mention Kovalchuk doesn't mean you should skip over it. Alert: NO KOVALCHUK HERE. Kovalchuk, Kovalchuk.

How's that 20-game mini-season working out?

How bleak is it?


Kings are 4-8-0 (.333) in their last 12; any Western playoffteams do that last year?