Preview: Anderson vs. Anderson, Kings vs. Devils

Aha! A storyline to make today’s game interesting!

How to Watch

Game Time: 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time

TV: Fox Sports West

Radio: iHeart Radio

The Opposition: All About the Jersey

What to Watch

  • It would have taken a miracle to make a late-February/would-be-March-in-most-other-years game between two teams that are just treading water until April into something interesting. The Kings, thankfully, handed us a storyline when they recalled defenseman Mikey Anderson to fill the void left by the trade of Derek Forbort. Anderson, a 2017 fourth-round pick of the Kings, is in his first professional season after winning back-to-back NCAA championships with the University of Minnesota-Duluth. His older brother Joey, is in his second professional season with the Devils, splitting time between the AHL and NHL. But they’re both here now, ready to face off against one another. /
  • Of course, for all that the Kings and Devils both are in the absolute basement of the league, both show glimpses of competence that bode well for the future. The Devils are 6-3-1 in their last ten games, Granted, four of those wins took place against non-playoff-bound teams (the Kings, the Red Wings, and the Sharks), but they also beat the Washington Captals, which isn’t nothing, you know? The Kings are a slightly less stellar 4-5-1, but they did just help add to the Penguins’ losing streak, figuring out a way to shut them down. (The “way” was Cal Petersen being stellar in net.) There are flashes of skill from young players who will help carry these teams in years to come. Tonight, though... well, at least we’ve got brothers./


Los Angeles Kings

New Jersey Devils