Prospect Video: Nicolas Deslauriers, pugilist

Here's Nicolas Deslauriers' open ice hit and fight from the Gatineau/Rimouski QMJHL playoff game the other night. Every time I see Deslauriers, he looks thicker. As he walks into the tunnel, he looks short. He's not. He's six feet tall.

Lest you think Deslauriers is just a fighter...

Prospect Nicolas Deslauriers Player Profile - Hockey's Future
An absolute wizard on the ice, Deslauriers is a pleasure to watch, thanks to his remarkable skating ability. As an offensive defenseman, Deslauriers has the ability to pick up a loose puck in his own zone and lead the counter-attack in the matter of just a handful of strides. Though he sometimes gets carried away with his desire to rush up the ice and be a key part of the offensive attack, Deslauriers' ability to out skate the opposition and handle the puck with the best of them means he will continue to be an intriguing prospect.