Provisional Monarchs Depth Chart

As far as I can tell, these are the players who finished the season in Manchester and who are still under contract to the Kings and/or Monarchs, and/or were just assigned to Manchester last week. Four of these players (Czarnik, Nolan, Pelech and Harnden) are unsigned, and presumably now will try to earn a contract at the Monarchs training camp, which begins this week, I'm pretty sure. Twelve four (Loktionov, Moller, Lewis, Kaunisto, Zeiler, Cliche, Martinez, Muzzin, Campbell, Voynov, Fransson and Teubert) are still alive with the Kings. And three other players (Thomas Hickey, Kevin Westgarth and Rich Clune) have been left off this list as they seem reasonably likely to make the big squad. Moller, Loktionov, Lewis or Muzzin also might stick, but that's a crap shoot at this point.

Am I missing anybody? What do you think the ideal line combinations and pairings are? Obviously, there are five forward lines and a spare here, and eight defensemen, so not everyone is going to make the team; to say nothing of other players in camp we (or at least I) don't know about. Gabe Gauthier, for instance. He's a free-agent, I believe, but I haven't heard of him signing anywhere else (and wouldn't Google Alerts have told me if he had?).

Anyway, I plan on tracking the Monarchs depth chart in some detail this season, schedule permitting. So any input is encouraged.

(One more question: is anyone planning on getting the AHL Live streaming package for the Monarchs? I'm flirting with the idea. I am idly thinking about doing live chats of certain Monarchs games. Is that something anyone would be into? Maybe once a month or something. Not too often...)

Brandon Kozun - Andrei Loktionov - Oscar Moller

Trevor Lewis - Corey Elkins - Bud Holloway

David Meckler - Justin Azevedo - Ray Kaunisto

Dwight King - John Zeiler - Marc-Andre Cliche

Robert Czarnik - Jordan Nolan - Michael Pelech

Zach Harnden

Alec Martinez - Jake Muzzin

Andrew Campbell - Viatcheslav Voynov

Patrick Mullen - David Kolomatis

Johan Fransson - Colten Teubert

Jeff Zatkoff

Martin Jones