Quinton Byfield surprises Quinton Byfield

Byfield and Byfield is actually not the name of a high priced law firm in Los Angeles, but a charming story about why and how representation actually matters

“Hockey is for Everyone” — so the typically a generic statement with no meat behind it goes. The catchphrase is often used to declare that the sport of hockey is accepting of everyone’s sexuality (and/or race). However, in this case, the Los Angeles Kings and rookie-superstar-in-the-making Quinton Byfield are able to backup the fun phrase with actual action.

On January 24, a young boy showed up in support of the Kings at their game against the New York Rangers. His name: Quinton Byfield.

The younger Byfield’s sign earned him the attention of his hero and a puck.

On February 1, NHL Network arranged a video chat surprise for the younger Byfield that included an invitation to him and his family to see a home game.

Check out all the crazy Quinton-edences below as the NHL star explains his first real-life encounter with younger namesake.