Thinking about what might happen to the Stars and Ducks this week...

  • The Ducks play San Jose Wednesday. Dallas plays Columbus Tuesday and then Colorado Thursday.
  • If the Ducks lose and Dallas wins both...the Ducks and Stars will be tied at 93 with two games left each.
  • The Ducks' last two are, of course, against the Kings.
  • The Stars' last two are a second game against Colorado before ending the season against the Wild.
  • The Ducks/Kings and Stars/Avs games occur simultaneously on Friday night (actually, the Stars game begins an hour earlier). I believe most of Colorado is out with injuries.
  • Are the Ducks going to sweep the Kings next weekend? If they don't, if they get (for example) only three points...then it will all come down to the Stars/Wild game. Stars win, they're in. Lose, they're out.
  • The Ducks will win the tie-breaker against Dallas. So Dallas needs to pass them in points.
  • That Stars/Wild game is the final game on the final day of the regular season.
  • And it's on NBC.