Regal Rundown: Has McLellan on the bench stopped being weird yet?

I think my brain has adjusted to this.

The weirdness of seeing Todd McLellan behind the bench for the Los Angeles Kings has mostly worn off by now. Sure, there are flashes of confusion every so often, but that weird jolt you get when you see him is mostly gone by now.

I can’t say the same for those pictures in the preseason of Darryl Sutter with the Ducks, but that might take time for all of us to collectively get over.

One thing that’s helped ease the transition to acceptance is how candid McLellan is in his post-game comments. John Stevens taking over the helm was refreshing after years of “Yes,” “No,” “Two points, leave town” quips from Sutter, who was as tight-lipped about his team as his former GM was loquacious.

(Can’t lie; I desperately miss reading quotes from Dean Lombardi.)

Stevens gave way to Willie Desjardins, who said nothing largely because there was nothing to say about a team that didn’t buy in, from a coach who couldn’t implement a system or a culture change.

So McLellan — being honest about his team’s shortcomings, speaking openly about getting players back on track — is an unexpected breath of fresh air in the way he talks about this team and in the way he gives the impression that he believes wholeheartedly that they can be even better.

Will the team tire of him eventually? Will he get snippy with reporters at some point? Probably; such is the way of pro sports. But for now, watching the Kings buy in to a system and be supported by their coach in their success is making this season worth watching.

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