Regal Rundown: Turns out that winning makes games more enjoyable

Surprise: this team is fun!

We’re all prepared emotionally for this to be a long, frustrating season of hockey, right? The general plan has always been for the Kings to be sort of mediocre this year as they continue their don’t-call-it-a-rebuild, get another high draft pick, and then go from there.

I don’t know that fun was necessary something most of us thought was in store for the Kings, especially those of us who greeted the news of Todd McLellan’s hiring with skepticism at best.

But somehow, the Kings are creating an abundance of chances — they’re second in the league with an average of 37.6 shots per game, they’re second in the league with a 55.05 Corsi-for percentage, fourth with 57.69% high danger chances, and they’re doing it all with a fairly average 8.05 team shooting percentage. We’re not going to dredge up last year’s numbers but it’s doubtful this team was top five in anything other than being bad.

Shut-out losses like the ones to Buffalo and Carolina were frustrating if only because you could see, with your very own eyes, that the Kings were getting their opportunities and just not cashing in. We’ve seen an explosion of offense at times this season, and the prospect that maybe, just maybe, that’s what the future could look like is incredibly tantalizing.

Kings Things

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Is this good? Or is this bad?

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Evening Entertainment

I regret to announce that there are no interesting games to watch tonight. Maybe give the Vegas Golden Knights/Philadelphia Flyers game a try, if solely because you’ll probably get some good Gritty content? Alternatively, the Ottawa Senators/Dallas Stars game may be an exercise in seeing who loses worse. (The Senators are the last team in the league with only one win.)

Vegas/Philly airs at 4:00 p.m. Pacific time on the NHL Network. Ottawa/Dallas is at 5:30 p.m. Pacific and can be found on the appropriate regional networks or the NHL’s streaming service.