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Regal Rundown

Regal Rundown: The case for Los Angeles to host the NHL Return to Play

Just because the Kings aren’t in the postseason doesn’t mean Staples Center can’t be.

Regal Rundown: Kings prospects impress

Regal Rundown: How do players choose their sticks?

Are they weirdos about choosing their sticks? A little bit, yeah.

Royal Rundown: Kings hire paralyzed former hockey player

Jack Jablonski will join the organization as a content producer.

Regal Rundown: Boko Imama responds to racist taunt by Brandon Manning

Manning was suspended five games for his use of a racial slur against the Reign forward.

Regal Rundown: Dad’s trip 2020

The dads are in town! Well, the town is Tampa, but you know what I mean.

Regal Rundown: When in LA, we party like Kings

It’s five o’clock somewhere, and we’ve got your daily news and notes.

Has McLellan on the bench stopped being weird yet?

I think my brain has adjusted to this.

Regal Rundown: Turns out that winning makes games more enjoyable

Surprise: this team is fun!

Regal Rundown: All-Decade Squad, Optimism for 2019-20

Today’s Regal Rundown looks at the Kings’ mostly-successful decade on the ice and looks at the future.

Regal Rundown: Pickwick Ice Center Debut, Looming Retirements

Today’s Regal Rundown highlights the new Pickwick Ice Center and looks at an aging star heading into the sunset

Regal Rundown: A Return to Form for Kings’ Doughty & Quick

Today’s Regal Rundown centers around NBC Sports’ Adam Gretz and his encouraging prediction for a pair of veteran Kings.

Regal Rundown: The Gretzky Trade Legacy, Kings Interested in Ben Hutton?

Fueled by the 31-year anniversary of the Kings acquisition of Wayne Gretzky, Sporting News’ Brandon Schlager delivers a list of star-studded NHL trades.

Regal Rundown: Kings Unveil Facility Upgrades, Post-Buyout Careers

The Los Angeles Kings and American Sports Entertainment Company have completed work on the newly renovated LA Kings Pickwick Ice Center in Burbank, California.

Off-Day Watch 8/7/19: National Television Schedule, The Kings’ Top Prospects Ranked

The Los Angeles Kings will be featured on seven occasions during NBC’s nationally televised NHL schedule.

Off-Day Watch 8/6/19: Toffoli Primed to Bounce Back, Kings Land New Physician

The Athletic’s Ian Tulloch gives the Kings some love in his bounce-back rankings and Frank Petrigliano’s hiring as team physician was announced.