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Reign Postgame Quotes: Budaj, Mersch, Leslie, Samuels-Thomas, Stothers

Some quotes taken after Ontario’s suffocating 3-0 win over San Jose last night.

Peter Budaj on if he will be changing his plain white mask to his traditional Flanders paint job:

“I’ve talked to DAVEART, Dave Gunnarsson, he does my masks, and he’s preparing something. I usually let him pick what he wants. He just runs it by me afterwards. The only thing I kind of design is my back plate…I’m pretty sure he wants to put Ned Flanders on it, so I think it’s going to be there.”

Michael Mersch on what the Kings wanted him to work on after training camp:

“I was playing on my off side a little bit. Working on wall plays and stuff like that. Get my feet moving, working on my first few steps.”

Zac Leslie on what he brings to the Reign:

“I bring another layer to the offense. I’m a good puckmover. My asset is my skating and my ability to move the puck up the ice and to get up in the play. I bring an extra offensive push to the backend.”

Jordan Samuels-Thomas on his second appearance with the Reign after coming from Manchester:

“Yeah, tonight I felt fine. Other than the two [high sticking] penalties that I took. I’m happy the guys bailed me out there on the PK. I felt good, I felt like I got my game going. I was physical, strong on the walls, doing what I’m supposed to do.”

Head Coach Mike Stothers on the many Ontario penalties and how the PK responded:

“Yeah, well that’s only going to last so long. Sooner or later, you’re going to get some breakdowns, you’re going to get worn out. You have guys who are playing too much. You’re trying to utilize your whole bench, especially when you’re playing back-to-back. Just when you think you have control of a game, it gets away from you pretty quick.”

Stothers on how he’s going to keep the winning streak going:

“I’m going to give them tomorrow off. That way they won’t be mad at me.”

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