Reign Postgame Quotes, Game 3: Mike Stothers, Vincent LoVerde

Stothers harps on neutral zone turnovers, LoVerde emphasizes simplification, as Reign find themselves down 3-0

Stothers, on how Reign can dig out of this 3-0 hole:

Win a game. That's it. Just win a game. Can't concentrate on trying to win four. Just gotta win one, take it from there.

Stothers, on what he said to the bench during first period timeout:

Well, again, it was the same message pretty much. There's still lots of time. You've got to regroup, re-focus, get our act together and continue to play.

Stothers, on why Lake Erie has been succeeding against Ontario:

Same thing that's troubled us throughout the series is we turn the puck over. You turn the puck over, they score a goal. You turn the puck over, they score a goal. You turn the puck over, they score a goal. So I counted six times where their players just kept their speed, laid it in, picked it up on the other side and got a forecheck going. We turned the puck over, their transition's good, ends up in the back of your net. Keep doing it, it's going to keep biting you.

Stothers, on any positives tonight:

Yeah, our PK. So there you go, there's a positive.

Stothers, on what he said to the guys after the game:

Just told them what time our meal is in our hotel. Practice tomorrow. Tomorrow's a new day.

LoVerde, on how to come back:

One game at a time. We've been in some tough spots before. Just one game at a time. Get back to work tomorrow. Probably do some video. Just go from there.

LoVerde, on any positives to take from tonight:

I think Houser played great in the third. I thought our PK was pretty good for the most part. We need to stay out of the box a little bit more. And...yeah, I mean, not that that's all we wanted.

LoVerde, on the mood of the locker room after the game:

We're positive. You play seven games for a reason. There's no frustration in the room. We know we have some work to do, but we look forward to the challenge.

LoVerde, on what he specifically said to the guys after the game:

I don't think much needed to be said. Obviously, we're in a not ideal spot.

LoVerde, on whether or not there was any hesitation to Ontario's puck pursuit tonight:

I'm not sure. I don't know. Not that I noticed, I want to say. Things happened quickly out there.

LoVerde, on how to prevent neutral zone turnovers:

I think we just need to simplify. We've worked all year, we've played a specific way all year. I think we just need to simplify our game.

We need to simplify, get pucks deep. [Reporter: North-south game, get it in deep?] Yeah, yeah. Chipping pucks, and going from there. Just simplify a little bit, get back to the basics, and we'll go from there.