Reign Postgame Quotes, Game 4: Michael Mersch, Nic Dowd, Sean Backman, Vincent LoVerde, Mike Stothers

Mersch on nemesis Forsberg, LoVerde on Sedlak GWG, Backman on Game 3 legs + more from Dowd & Stothers

Sean Backman

Backman, on if the team finally played "Reign hockey" tonight:

Yeah, we had a game plan coming in. We executed it tonight. It was a hard-fought game.

Backman, on the game plan:

Yeah, we just wanted to get pucks in behind them and forecheck their D. Try to make it miserable for them.

Backman, on how proud he is of tonight's effort in particular:

Our team believed we could come back and win this series. It was not one doubt in the dressing room. We were ready to play tonight. We fell short. It's going to sting for a little awhile.

Backman, on whether or not team had its "legs" in Game Three:

Yeah, the same time, they had to do it too. That's kind of a weak excuse to use. But it certainly is draining, flying crosscountry and playing the next night.

Nic Dowd

Dowd, on the fight his team showed tonight:

There's no excuses. We played exactly how we wanted to play. We definitely needed to get more pucks to the net. I thought we did a good job of doing that, limiting their opportunities. We didn't score big goals. That falls on players whose job it is to score big goals. Obviously, it's upsetting. But congratulations to Lake Erie, they're a really good team.

Dowd, on why Ontario played better tonight as opposed to the other nights:

I truly thought we played well in spurts in the first three games. We didn't put together a full 60, and that hurt us. I think mental lapses allowed them to jump out to big leads and early leads and that's tough to come back from especially with their goalie playing really well.

Michael Mersch

Mersch, on his chances tonight:

I just couldn't beat the goalie all series. He played really well. We had some good chances on him. I had some good chances on him. We just couldn't find a goal. So kudos to him.

They did a good job of stopping us from doing our plays from behind the net.

Mersch, on recent stretch of strong play, despite lack of production:

Yeah, it was just a matter of them falling or not falling. You start to worry when you're not getting your chances. But I had my chances and they just weren't falling.

Mersch, on what made Forsberg so tough for himself and teammates:

I thought he was really sound, like I said, no holes. No holes low at all. He had a really good glove. I shot glove a few times. He did a really good job. No holes down low at all.

I thought he was really strong, his legs were really strong on the post...I mean, I don't know much about goaltending, but he was good!

Mersch, on if the plan coming into this series was to shoot high on Forsberg:

Yeah. It's a fast game, so I tried to get the shot off as quick as possible. Get it up when you're in tight. Like I said, he had a really good glove. He had no holes, no second chances.

Vincent LoVerde

LoVerde, on if there was a feeling of "Here we go again" after Sedlak's first period goal:

No, not at all. We're a positive group of guys in the locker room. You're going to deal with adversity in games and series throughout the year. I thought we battled well. I don't think there was a sense of panic from our guys.

LoVerde, on if tonight, the team was finally playing "Reign hockey":

Yeah, a little bit more. We played well in spurts and had five-minute slumps...I thought we played well. Bounce here, bounce there, it's a different game. But kudos to them, they played well.

LoVerde, on the Sedlak game-winner:

I saw a player coming around the top. Trying to get the puck to the net. I don't know if it hit me, if it hit Budes. Laid there. It's a dirty goal that's going to be scored in overtime. Bounce here, bounce there.

Yeah, I saw the guy coming around the top. Wants to put the puck on net. Bounced around...

Mike Stothers

Stothers, on how important it was to go out tonight playing "Reign hockey":

Well, it would've been nice to do a little more consistently or earlier on in the series. But you know what? You definitely have to give credit to that team. Very good hockey club. Well-coached. Play a great game. I wish them all the luck in the world. They're a good team.