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Penner Reflections

Now, about Penner's beer league softball status

Cake Show Steve continues to make Sharks fans look like expletives

Eulogy: Remembering the 2010-11 San Jose Sharks

[UPDATE] Kings have almost never this - Sharks have slightly less never that

I summarily reject all anti-Penner B.S.

I've been reading comments in the usual places that Penner is "a bust," "lazy" etc., and I think that has more to do with the impatience, short-attention span and ignorance (and toddler temperament) of commenters rather than any chronic problem of Penner's.

"I'm sorry, but you've got to not want to call that to not make a call on the play."

Is Vancouver the best team since the 1977 Canadiens?

Emergency? It's Only a Flesh Wound!

Tom Benjamin is Wise -- headache remedies, etc.

I have a question or three about tie-breakers

But can't all head-shots ALREADY be penalized?

In Other News, 1 = 2

Ken Dryden Speaks the Truth

Note to LA Times: It helps if you know what to look for

Witless trade "idea" of the day


We've all had the feeling that we want to scream irrational nonsense at the oblivious TV, but most of us don't bother to type it up and hit send.

Sometimes People Misspeak

Not that It Matters, But I Can Prove His Stick is Lower Than the Crossbar

12 flavors of stupid?

New Rules Same as the Old Rules

Note to Nuts

Note to William Houston: If you say "I feel so badly," you are an idiot

Kings Fans Fail Reading Comprehension

Sent back to retake "Learn to Speak Murray 101"

The First Meaningful Games the Kings Have Played in Eight Years

How Do I Know the Kings aren't on Steroids?

Those Numbers aren't Magic (but mine are)

Entire Kings Fan Base Diagnosed with PTSD

No, Dumb***, just because it's not interference or elbowing doesn't make it clean

It's called Rule 42.1.

Gladys Kravitz Shows Why She's in the Hockey Hall of Fame

Gladys Kravitz Shows Why She's in the Hockey Hall of Fame

Indications are, Bruce Garrioch needs a new thesaurus

May I suggest scuttlebutt, view, sentiment, or how about "it may be that" or "prevailing wisdom is" or "all signs point to"?

No, Dustin, you're the captain of the Kings

But That's Not What He Said