Round One: Unanswered questions

I found this in my scrap heap, a post, started before round one, that I never posted.

  1. Will the Kings' power play wake up in time to stop costing them games?
  2. Will Justin Williams be healthy enough to make a difference, or will it be a replay of 2010, when he came back too soon?
  3. Will Scott Parse play his first game in five months? Is there any chance he can contribute after so long on the shelf?
  4. Will we see Jonathan Bernier?
  5. Will Saskatoon's season end before the Kings' season ends? If Brayden Schenn becomes available, does Dean Lombardi recall him, or send him to Manchester?
  6. How many games does Kevin Westgarth play?
  7. Will it be possible to avoid Jeremy Roenick's opinions?
  8. Will the Kings slam the door on the score-a-goal-let-them-get-it-right-back plan that's worked so well thus far?

Let's see. That would be:

  1. Yes and (5 minute major in 3rd/OT of game six) no.
  2. Yes (game one) and no.
  3. Yes and no.
  4. No, and that was fine.
  5. Yes and no.
  6. All of them, and he almost won game one in OT, or did I dream that?
  7. Yes, for me anyway.
  8. Yes, but they replaced it with score-four-let-them-get-them-all-back, which worked even better.