JFTC Roundtable: Firesale Edition

All of these questions physically pained us.

With the Kings on a bye week, we thought we’d turn to the readers to see what all of you wanted to know most about the team.

Jake Muzzin being traded stole most of our thunder, but now that the dust has settled some, we’ve got part one of a two-part JFTC mailbag/roundtable/what have you. Today’s post focuses on trades: Who stays? Who goes? Who will we miss the most?

Tomorrow, we’ll be back with some (only slightly) less dire content. For now, on to the questions.

Kelsey: If I’m playing GM, no one is. I don’t think trades are the way to fix what’s ailing the Kings.

If I’m predicting the org - Kopitar and Doughty are the only safe ones. Maybe Toffoli? Brownie probably stays because his contract is untradable, although I think it would be interesting to see him as a veteran on a young team.

Colin: Petersen, and Kopitar, I’m really open to anybody else being traded if you can get a good return.

Matt H.: Doughty, Carter, Kopitar, Iafallo, and pretty much any of the young players except for Kempe.

James: Besides Kopitar, Kovalchuk and Doughty (who have no-movement clauses)? The rest should all be shopped. Alas, how much better off the team could have been if we traded Doughty for several parts, and traded Carter while he was still healthy.

Michael: Only Drew Doughty and Anze Kopitar. That being said, if the right deal came for Kopitar including a Top 3 draft pick, well, you’d have to considerate. Look, rebuilds are horrendous, but we got two Cups out of this group. I was listening to Zig Fracassi and he said the Boston Bruins were very interested in Tyler Tofolli and were also trying to figure out how to squeeze in Dustin Brown.

Robyn: Dustin Brown because no one wants him lol. Other than that, make me an offer.

Sarah: Leaving aside Dustin Brown and his probably non-trade-able contract, I think Kopitar and Doughty are who they rebuild around. Kovalchuk has a no-movement clause, but I think he would waive it for the right opportunity (AKA a team that isn’t rebuilding that could use his services). I hang on to Cal Petersen, Rasmus Kupari, Jaret Anderson-Dolan. From the current roster, I think I would at least listen to offers for anyone.

JFTC reader aerobie4all asks: What would Quick be worth in a trade?

(This question was a popular one, being posed by JFTC reader aerobie4all and also Twitter user @davisgreen_. Thanks!)

Kelsey: I’d like a first round pick and a second-line player, but I wouldn’t say no to a couple of gold-star prospects.

Colin: I’d probably say a 1st and a 2nd or 1st and a top end prospect. Problem with a Quick trade is his age and the contract length so the return won’t be as high we would like.

James: Considering that Jake Muzzin was worth two second-round prospects and a late first round pick, Quick, with his proven Cup-winning ability, is worth at least two first round picks to a team that is desperate to improve from spoiler to contender. Perhaps Edmonton or Dallas.

Michael: Considering Quick will be a superior playoff performer (Conn Smythe-level) for any team, a first rounder in 2019 along with an established player or a 3rd rounder would be ideal and fair. The Kings should not accept much salary back. Considering Sergei Bobrovsky wants $8-9 million a year, Quick is a steal at $5.8 million, AND with term! That makes him more valuable.

Robyn: It really depends on how much Blake can convince the other GM that Quick’s playoff value is worth it. If they can fetch a mid-round third for him, I’ll be thrilled. (Maybe I’m underselling him but the goalie market is notoriously wonky, so who really knows?)

Sarah: The goalie market is super weird, and I could just as easily see Quick commanding a bounty of picks/prospects/maybe one junk contract as I could see the Kings getting hosed on the deal. A few comparables to think about: Frederik Anderson netted the Ducks a first and a second round pick. Ryan Miller went from Buffalo to St. Louis (along with Steve Ott) at the 2014 trade deadline in exchange for goalie Jaroslav Halak, forward Chris Stewart, forward William Carrier, a first round pick, and a third round pick. The Penguins gave up a second-round pick to ensure that Vegas took Marc-Andre Fleury in the expansion draft.

Kelsey: There’s been A LOT of noise about Martinez. I can also see Carter going. Or, no one seems to be talking about him, but, I think Lewis is a possibility.

Colin: I would’ve said Muzzin, but that already happened. Next up I would say it’s most likely Carter or Martinez.

James: Tyler Toffoli, because he is reputed as a scoring threat who has lost his mojo, but is young enough and has enough time to regain his touch. Also, his contract expires in 2020 and not 2019, making him the most likely to be traded for a decent return. And further, his sidekick Tanner Pearson was traded.

Michael: Carter and Toffoli. Sorry folks, I know they are the most popular, but their time has come.

Robyn: I swear my answer would’ve been Muzzin before he was traded. At this point, though, I’d say probably Tyler Toffoli will be the next to go. Do I want him to? No way. But he’s young, he’s got a great contract, and has the most potential upside in a trade.

Sarah: It hurts my soul to say Tyler Toffoli, but I think it could be him. Also don’t forget the low-hanging fruit of players who are UFAs at the close of the season: Carl Hagelin, Nate Thompson, possibly Oscar Fantenberg. (I think they hold on to Fantenberg as cheap depth, though. He’s not spectacular but he gets the job done and they clearly don’t really trust Paul LaDue.)  (Also, the Kings should trade Paul LaDue just to set him free.)

Kelsey: I’m going with eight. My math may be off on how many players currently on the team have rings, though.

Colin: 3 or 4, but knowing this management group they will be overly loyal and keep too many of them on.

James: I’m counting nine players currently on the roster remaining from 2014 (Kopitar, Brown, Carter, Quick, Toffoli, Doughty, Martinez, Clifford, Lewis). With a Toffoli trade, and a trade of either Quick or Carter, I am predicting seven 2014 players next season.

Michael: 6 - Dustin Brown, Kyle Clifford, Anze Kopitar, Trevor Lewis, Drew Doughty, Alec Martinez.

Robyn: Probably more than we think.

Thanks for your questions! We’ll be back tomorrow with more answers.