SB Nation NHL FanPulse Results: Nope, still not making the playoffs

It’s fine. We’re cool about it.

This season, SB Nation launched the NHL FanPulse survey to give fans like you the opportunity to weigh in on big questions about the league.

Back in October when we launched the survey project, fans were asked for their thoughts on who was going to make the playoffs who didn’t last year — and, conversely, who’s dropping out of the playoff race this year.

SB Nation NHL FanPulse Results: No one else thinks we’re making the playoffs, either

And, okay, it wasn’t a big surprise — no one thought we were going to the playoffs. Or, well, almost no one. A whopping 1.37% of respondents said that the Kings would make the playoffs.

It’s fine, our feelings aren’t hurt. I wouldn’t have voted for the Kings, either.

Now that the season is more than halfway through, fans were asked the same set of questions.

The Coyotes, who people had been lukewarm about before — previously, only 7.86% of respondents said that Arizona would make the jump — have surged to the top of the list, with 67.1% of responses saying they’re in. In fact, three Pacific Division teams are on the list now, as compared to only one (the Oilers) back in October. The Pacific may still be seen as the weakest in the league, but seeing teams like the Coyotes, Oilers, and Canucks all get their lives figured out shows just how far the Kings have to go to climb back into the race.

Just for fun — only 0.13% of responses said that the Kings will make the playoffs.

Thank you to that, like, one person who still believes in us. Your faith is appreciated.

The Sharks, who barely made the top five the first time we ran this poll, have stormed to the top of this list, with 66.19% of responses indicating that they’ll miss the playoffs. With Logan Couture out long term with an injury, it’s looking more sure than ever that the Sharks are going to join their California brethren in a playoffs-less spring.

Strong rebounds from the Stars (currently second in the Central) and Islanders (third in the Metropolitan) slid them off this list, to be replaced by the Predators (five points out of a wild card spot and just fired their coach) and Flames (third in the Pacific but I think no one’s buying it).

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