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Kovalchuk Takes the Plus Out of Plus/Minus

I just had a thought

That sounds a little more serious than "doesn't backcheck"

Coaching Hot-Seat: All John MacLean Edition

Pick from Flyers drops from #45 to #59

Philly screws Kings but screws Ducks much more. That seems fair.

Good News, Bad News

Pronger hurts the Bruins, Kings and Ducks in one fell swoop.

Excuse Me? Come Again?

The Los Angeles Kings are still playing meaningful games this late into the season. It's still shocking.

A quick guide to what you want to happen

You're feeling veeeeery sleeeeeeepy....

Wayne Simmonds Bobblehead winner Part II

PRAISE BE DINGLEBARN*! Kovalchuk to New Jersey and I couldn't be happier

Yet more proof that Lombardi is a genius.

Sharks Territory: "there comes a point in every player's career where we stop seeing the qualities of that player and focus on his faults."

"I don’t think we handled the pressure as well as I thought we would," McLellan says | Working the Corners

Match the Pathetic Quote to the Pathetic Shark or Flame (with bonus Cammalleri "tell")

Sharks and Kings Playoffs Histories UPDATED TO INCLUDE THE BIG CHOKE

Calgary Herald: Cammy vows to rebound hahahahahahaha

Petty Schadenfreude Watch