Schenn Trade Rumor (But Don't Freak Out)

This story is a couple of weeks old (before Brayden Schenn was returned to the WHL), but it contained this interesting bit of...conjecture? Inside information? I don't know.

Coming Down the Pipe!: Schenn decision soon?
Returning [Schenn] to Brandon would likely only happen if [the Kings] knew he would be traded to a contender. The 2 most likely destinations are Portland and Schenn's home town of Saskatoon.

It hadn't occurred me that the Kings might "encourage" the WHL to trade Schenn to a contender.  How does that work exactly? What's in it for the Wheat Kings? Oh, I guess they get some assets for Schenn if he's returned to them and they flip him, whereas if he's recalled to the Kings, the Wheat Kings get nothing. Okay, that makes sense. Still, I wonder if this has any truth to it.