Schenn "tweaks" knee -- okay? Got that? "Tweaks."

So there's hope. This is the Wheat Kings' report, or, I guess, a report of the report:

WHL Roundup: Schenn tweaks knee prior to Kings camp | The Junior Report
[Schenn] left Brandon "after tweaking his knee during practice on Tuesday afternoon at Westman Place", according to the Western Hockey League club. As a result, the 19-year-old did not skate Wednesday, just a day prior to his scheduled departure for Los Angeles. He is now scheduled to receive an MRI on Thursday in L.A., at which time further details on the extent of the injury are expected to be available. It is unclear whether or not Schenn will be available for the Kings’ rookie camp, which is scheduled to begin on Saturday.

At this point, it could be something or nothing. I choose not to worry about it until we hear what the MRI shows.