Scoreboard Watching: Away from Staples, a Very Good Night for the Kings

I know the Ducks won. But they did it in regulation against Chicago. The Sharks beat Phoenix in regulation. Nashville beat Dallas in regulation. The Oilers bea -- oh, Calgary just tied it up. Crap. Okay, put a pin in that. [Calgary just won in a SO; oh well.]

I am away from my spreadsheet for the moment, so I can't post the so-called Real Standings until tomorrow. But here's the basic plot:

  • The Kings are one point behind Phoenix with TWO games in hand.
  • The Kings are even with Nashville with a game in hand.
  • The Kings are four points up on Chicago, though the Hawks have a game in hand.
  • The Kings are three points ahead of Anaheim.
  • The Kings are five points up on Calgary, with TWO games in hand.
  • The Kings pick up a key (tie-breaker) W relative to Chicago, Phoenix and Dallas (all of whom lost).
  • The Kings pick up three goals in the (tie-breaker) goal-differential column. Still nine behind Chicago, but ahead of everyone else we could conceivably be tied with.
  • Calgary and Chicago have five wins in their last ten; Dallas has four.