Scott Parse Signed, 2 years

And I get to re-run my favorite picture of the year.

Parse led the entire team in both points and goals per sixty minutes of icetime. Led the team. Also led the team in plus/minus relative to team and +-/60. Oh, he also led the team in GFON/60, which is goals-for which he was on the ice for, per sixty.

Record w/ Parse in line-up: 34-19-6 (.627)
Record w/o Parse in line-up: 12-8-3 (.586)

In the playoffs, 2-2 with him, 0-2 without him.

As far as his linemates being more responsible for Parse’s +-, let’s look at QUALTEAM, which measures the quality of the teammates on the ice with you. Parse’s QUALTEAM is at the bottom; the only players who play with lower-rated teammates are Ivanans, Harrold, Moller and Jones.

Oh, and all of Parse’s goals were even-strength.