Garrett Roe's Vow of Silence

Down by three goals at one point in the second period, then trailing by two in the third, Garrett Roe played perhaps the central role in engineering Friday night's 4-4 tie against Colorado College. We'd love to pass on his thoughts about how the Huskies did it, how he snapped a five-game goalless streak and assisted on another goal in the comeback, and what it meant as the Huskies head toward Christmas break. Only there's one problem: Roe has vowed silence to the Times, or at least to me.

Miffed at a story reporting his one-game suspension last month, Roe has said in not so many words that he won't be available for the rest of the season. He declined an interview request Friday night when approached by a university spokesman.

So, we'll just have to make do by getting the story from those who will talk.

"I think this was (Roe's) best game of the year so far," said Tony Mosey, the recipient of Roe's pass for a power-play goal that made it 3-2 late in the second period. "He played with a lot of energy and that shot (for SCSU's third goal) ... it was just huge."

First, Roe skated up the left wing, stopped and feathered a pass toward Mosey. It hit Travis Novak's skate, popped into the air and Mosey whacked it past Tigers goalie Joe Howe. Then, in the third period, Roe skated up the right wing and, from the right circle, hit a hole about five inches wide with a missile of a wrist shot.

"That was an unbelievable pass (to Mosey)," said Brian Volpei, one of Roe's best friends on the team. "I think Mosey was as surprised as everyone that it got to him. As far as that goal, I think that's a play everyone has come to expect from Garrett. Not to take anything away from him. What a big-time shot. He's a great player and we've come to expect that from him."

A junior center and seventh-round draftee of the Los Angeles Kings, Roe has 107 points in 93 career games. He pulled into a tie with Kelly Hultgren for 18th on SCSU's all-time scoring list. (Ryan Lasch, whose eight-game point streak snapped, remains fourth at 148.) Assuming Roe returns for his senior year, he could take a run at Lasch and even the three players in front of him.

For now, the Times will do it the old-fashioned way: By reporting what can be seen. Of course, that's what evidently set Roe off in the first place. No explanation -- on or off the record -- was available for his suspension. It seemed necessary to mention his infraction coincided with the appearance of a bruised eye -- and Roe's denial that it had anything to do with why he missed a Nov. 13 game at North Dakota, a 4-2 loss. The report elicited a flood of communication from agents and scouts, and consequently cemented his feelings about me as a reporter. It's unfortunate, and the first time in 12 years an SCSU player has made such a vow. Certainly, some have taken exception to passages, and some have given the old "No comment" until we hashed it out or they got over it. But no disagreement has been like this.

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