Sharks GM Doug Wilson is a giant hypocrite about Dustin Brown, should probably call to apologize

Calling people to make sure they're okay is not the Sharks' style. Making a fake controversy about it is.

Sharks GM and self-appointed politeness czar Doug Wilson let it be known that he thought it was terrible that Dustin Brown didn't call his player, Tomas Hertl, after he was injured.

What is less well known is that the Sharks organization doesn't appear to be living up to its own lofty standards.

When Sharks defenseman Brad Stuart knocked New York Rangers star Rick Nash out with a concussion earlier this season, causing him to miss 17 games, Nash waited more than a month and received no call from Stuart. Stuart was suspended for the play.

As Nash told the New York Post:

"Maybe he didn’t think it was so bad, I don’t know; not getting a call or text isn’t anything I’ve thought about," the Rangers’ winger, who returned to the lineup for Tuesday’s 2-1 defeat to the Bruins, said following practice. "I don’t think he was obligated.

"But for me, I would somehow have reached out to the guy under a similar circumstance. I don’t ever want to be in that spot or put anyone in that situation, but if so, I would do that.

"We’re all in this together."

Much ado about whining

Though Wilson did not criticize the hit itself--and it appeared to be an accidental collision--Wilson decried the lack of manners shown by today's NHL players at length. Since he took these complaints to the press instead of Brown himself, it appeared to be an obvious bit of theater. The media in San Jose eagerly took up the story of the bad, bad, Dustin Brown and ran with it without noticing the discrepancy.

Doug Wilson should prod Stuart to pick up a phone and give Rick Nash a long overdue personal call if he cares so deeply about these matters. Then he ought to pick up his and apologize to Dustin Brown.

Politeness begins at home.