Sharks @ Kings: Welcome Back Gamethread

Our Kings are back.

Last season was a pretty good one at Jewels from the Crown. We broke our site records for visitors in a day, visitors in a week, and visitors in a month. We essentially grew from a staff of four to a staff of nine. We got press credentials for all five games of the Stanley Cup Final as well as the NHL Awards, which means that we basically got to see every piece of hardware given to the Kings up close and in person.

And how about that hardware? Another historic playoff run by the Kings meant that we were so, so spoiled last year. We got to say that we lived through one of the greatest playoff series in NHL history, and no one accused us of hyperbole. We clinched a second Cup, when getting even one seemed like it would never happen. And as Langluy so eloquently explained, we got to share the memories of last season with others, whether it was 18,000 others at Staples Center, one or two others in your home, or some random commenters on this site.

We're looking for ways to make this season even better than last year's, and we've already begun. Using the podcast, regular links posts, and Facebook, we've gotten even better at keeping you updated on all things Kings. There's more to come. Plus, starting next week, we'll also be looking for a new contributor to the site.

But that's looking ahead. For now... let's talk hockey.

If you're here for the first time, or if you haven't taken part in a Gamethread before, go ahead and use that "Sign Up" button in the top right corner to join the conversation. There will be a lot to talk about, starting at 6:45 PM with the pregame festivities. If you're on Twitter, follow the whole team to stay updated throughout this game and throughout the season.

Go Kings Go.