SJS 6, LAK 3 -- PostGame Bullets [special hearsay edition]

I haven't had a chance to watch the broadcast of the game yet, as I was...elsewhere. Therefore, today's post-game bullets are entirely cut-paste from the wisdom of the message boards. [UPDATE: I got tired after looking at a couple of the post-game threads at LaKingsInsider.]

Before we start, here's the map of the Sharks' goals last night.


And here are the Sharks' shots:


Bullets fly after jump...

  • Bernier has shown a great resiliency and ability to pick up the shattered pieces of his game.
  • OK……The defense has no confidence in Bernier and they play crappy… bout that one?
  • I’m just wondering when the six guys enter the locker room and see [Bernier is starting] do they exhale…just a little?/

I was initially so distracted by the whole "oh no it's Bernier!" aspect of this comment that it took me awhile to notice: "the six guys"? Why six?

  • i mean you can pretend to be indifferent about whos [sic] in net but i [sic] really makes more aof [sic] a difference than you think, its [sic] no excuse sure but the goalies have different ways of playing and i think that matters in games like theese [sic] were [sic] its [sic] all in the slot
  • Actually, some of the players overly sagged down to help Bernier, which caused the problems./

I have almost boundless love for that explanation. "Overly sagged down." To help the bad goalie.

  • Bernier didn’t keep them in the game at critical times.
  • There was no soft goal but no key save either. The goalie must make those saves after the team regains momentum. Bernier should have been against Islanders and Quick against Sherks [sic].
    Who is the best PK player? Must be a goalie and he allowed 2 goals. I don’t know about this move by TM./

I do like it when announcers' cliches confuse the home-pundits.

  • As much as Bernier maybe wanted to leave the game and have Quick come to his rescue he would have to go it solo and learn.
  • Boooo! I just dont [sic] understand why they didnt [sic] start Quick. JB has lost to two good teams, Chi and SJ, maybe he is just not ready for the big teams. Sounds like it was breakdown from a lot of players, not just the goalie, but still, when playing a really good team start your #1 goalie. Give JB some ’soft’ starts to ease into the NHL in his first full season./

"Sounds like"? Always a good idea to chime in with your two-cents when you didn't even see the game.

  • I saw tonight, the horrid defense we had before Quick. Trying to do too much to protect a goalie because they dont trust him to stop easy shots. Instead they leave lanes and players open, trying to clog the front and block the shots.

Hey, another one! I don't think I ever noticed this particular self-validating argument before, and now it's appeared twice in one night. Let's see: the team doesn't trust the goalie, so they decide to triple the shots-against and scoring-chances by abandoning their assignments to screen him? Grrrr.

  • I see a d that doesn’t trust Bernier. BUT I think that is a big part of why Murray plays Bernier tonight.

Also, Kennedy had a secret plan to end the Vietnam War...

  • our D system depends on confidence in goaltending. We just saw what happens when it isn’t there.

  • I was one of the people that defended Bernie when everyone was bashing him for the few mistakes he made in the earlier games…but tonight?? Wow!!! No room to be on Bernies side..the kid is good but gives too many rebounds and is out of position sometimes…
  • I’m only not going to blame [Bernier] on 2 goals..but the other 4 should of been easy stops
  • And to all you Parse lovers, well hey maybe next game. :) To me the guy looked way more comfy on that 4th line than the 1st line. He’s more of a grinder [!] type player rather than high skilled. And if you come back with that he scored a goal crap well anyone who can stand up on skates can score that goal. [...] TM finally had it with him.
  • Harrold iced the puck under no pressure whatsoever and it was an absolute momentum killer at that moment.
  • handzus slow, greene bad giveaways, bernier I hope Quick got the rest he needs?, scudari more giveaways, simmonds out to lunch, harrod really bad

Agreed about Herod.

  • Still thought Quick for Sharks, Bernier for non conference blue jackets was a better call.
  • I don’t think Bernier was ready for a team like San Jose. /

bernier didn’t step it up when he needed to. He is way too slow side to side and seems to be more concerned with how he makes the save rather than stopping the shot.
A moment of silence now to reflect on this, the most idiotic foray into interpretation since "O'Sullivan doesn't smile when he scores because he wants to be traded."

  • He has a very technical style of play, I would say too technical.
  • He likes to put his entire body into straight on shots which leaves some rather obvious holes in his net minding./

Since their goal didnt count, could we have run their goaltender and not incurred a penalty?
That's a serious question. The answer is no.

  • the sharks scored got a feel good team moment [the goal that was negated by the Kings' goal earlier on the same play] and Kings really did not get the on ice, post goal feel good moment.
  • maybe it’s time to package parse with some of our manchester tallent in a trade to get Kopi a left winger?/

Sort of a "Parse and some guys from the AHL for Malkin" kind of deal.



  • where are Zeus and Simmonds? They were both huge last year but, for all intensive purposes, have been no-shows so far this year.
  • Even when the D fails, there still needs to be some kind of accountability on the Goalie. I will give you that giveaways accounted for several of the goals in the game but some stops should still be made on those chances. From what I could hear, the Kings were flat, and were just getting run around. This can’t happen again and shouldn’t. Murray should be ripping them a new one/

Another guy who thinks the message board is the play-by-play. I like how he concedes that several of the goals he didn't see were caused by giveaways he didn't see, while holding firm to his conviction that some of those chances he didn't see were stoppable, the way he sees it.

  • The team played great I thought…a little sloppy at times but overall good….
    But our goalie lost us the game….
  • Flat out, this was a team that was beginning to believe its’ own hype.

  • sounds like [Murray] got a little ass whoopin himself from mgmt. you know when TM is starting to panic he goes for the good ole line shuffle.
  • I think +/- stats is a bull [sic?]. Forwards carry the puck in offensive zone that’s when fresh D-men jump on the ice mostly. And when the forward score the goal D-men get lucky +1 rating. JJ took -2 with Greene and -1 with Harrold. That’s called unlucky -3. [oh?] And JJ was clearly frustrated by that [also, did you know, "O'Sullivan never smiles when he scores..." ed.]. I saw many mistakes Greene and Harrold made but didn’t see JJ’s. Did you?


  • I worry that Quick has a fragile psyche and TM saw this as a potential let down for him. JB’s role may not just be one to rest Quick, but also to serve as his protection detail.
  • TM saw this one coming and spared JQ. Chalk that one up to sacrificing a lamb..errr Rookie to the wolves for the betterment of the team.
  • I don’t know how the rest of you feel, but Bernier has been giving me the feeling of the erik ersberg sydrome [sic]..he has given up 15 goals in 5 games his numbers arent good and it seems that when he’s in goal the kings are un-easy as well. they don’t have that jump or confidence in their game as when quick is in net. I know he will be good eventually but he has been hyped so much and he’s feeling the pressure of having to be great right away.
  • Maybe this’ll help the Kings be a little more humble, which will benefit us later in the season and in the playoffs. They shouldn’t overrate themselves.
  • I still think we are that one scorer short of being a cup contender./