(small) updates on Schumacher, Elkins, Kitsyn

Michael Schumacher

I updated this in the Kings Reserve List post, but I expect most people missed it, so: Michael Schumacher, Kings 2011 draft pick (200th overall), will be playing for Owen Sound in the CHL this season. Schumacher had been playing in Sweden (he's Swedish). I find his age a little surprising given how BIG he looked at development camp. Somehow, because I dimly recalled the Kings had drafted at least one 20 year old, I decided it must be Schumacher, since he was the most adult looking of the new prospects. The 20 year-old is Andy Andreoff. Schumacher is the giant man-child. I thought he was one of the best at the camp. At least, I kept noticing him.

Kings select six players on final day of NHL Draft
Schumacher played 22 games this past season in the Superelit, Sweden’s top junior league.  He recorded seven points (4-3=7) for Frolunda HC.  Schumacher also previously played for Frolunda HC’s under-18 team.  The 6-3, 198-pounder is from Sweden.  He is 17 years old.

Los Angeles Kings 2011 draft review - Hockey's Future
Just 17 years old and with plenty of room on his 6'3 frame, Schumacher is incredibly raw, but it's easy to see why the Kings took an interest in the budding Swede. "I would describe myself as a power forward. I can score goals too and I can make passes and I go hard to the net," Schumacher said at Kings development camp. [...] Rather than continuing to work his way up the ranks in Sweden, Schumacher is poised to come across the pond, having been drafted 40th overall by Owen Sound in the CHL Import Draft. "I think it will be a big experience for me to come over," Schumacher said, looking forward to the much tighter play and more speed of North American hockey. The move, orchestrated by current Kings scout and former Owen Sound GM Mike Futa, affords Schumacher an opportunity to contribute right away as the Attack are losing two of their top wingers, Garrett Wilson (FLA) and Bobby Mignardi, to the pro ranks.

Note to Niesy: so that's another one of those deals facilitated by the "scout that used to be a GM in juniors" effect. And I assume Futa is responsible for Mignardi's presence at the Kings development camp as one of the unsigned players.

Corey Elkins

I mentioned this in the Elkins wedding announcement, and some people noticed I had him listed on the reserve list as "TBD (EUR)", so just to clarify: Elkins, an RFA this summer, has signed to play for HC Pardubice in the Czech Extraliga (which I assume translates to Czech Super Cool League, or something like that). In poking around the web trying to figure out how to spell Pardubice, I discovered this great site:

Genevieve Foster & Corey Elkins' Wedding Website - HOW WE MET

Our Story goes back to before Corey or I were even born. My father played for the Detroit Red Wings back in the 80’s and my parents met Corey’s parents down at Joe Louis Arena. Years later our families would always bump into each other at the rinks but we never met. It wasn’t until high school that a friend of mine invited me to a party for his hockey team that I first laid eyes on Corey. It was like nobody else was in the room. He was on the other side of the basement playing bubble hockey and I was praying he'd come talk to me! Finally later on that night he asked me a question and I thought finally! …But he just went back to playing bubble hockey after I answered his question! He was a tad shy but he claims it was all part of his plan. We stayed friends for a few years while Corey went away to play junior hockey and when he came home that season he found the courage to invite me to a Tigers game. [...]

I hope that Tigers game was at old Tigers Stadium, but I fear it was not. I'm guessing her dad is Dwight Foster, who I remember as a rookie playing for the Bruins in the post-Orr 70s. Anyway, check out their site. And be nice, or I will ban you.

Maxim Kitsyn

I believe Rich is the one who mentioned that Maxim Kitsyn will be playing out his contract in the KHL. Two more years. I think this is a good thing, the KHL being more competitive than Manchester (isn't it?). I am penciling him in for 2013-14, opening night.

Have we seen the last of

John Zeiler and Peter Harrold? They're both UFAs, and so far unsigned. If they're gone, it's the end of some kind of era. In any case, those are two guys who I think are generally much better than they're given credit for. I hope Harrold signs with someone like Detroit or Pittsburgh (as opposed to Florida or Winnipeg or the KHL, which would just be sad -- sorry). He's extremely useful. And also, as was revealed in at least one Kings Vision video, he's pretty funny.