If Only Reason Were Here/Puck Off/Slogans are Stupid

Like an ass, I quote my own comment from someone else's excellent blog.

It's a terrible slogan, or tag-line or motto or whatever it's supposed to be. I actually don't think sports teams should have slogans. It's so "advertising department." I think it's funny, given that they obviously pay people money to come up with these things, how stupid the slogans are. If you accept the premise that the ONLY purpose of advertising the Kings is to bring in people who aren't already Kings fans, I don't think "Only Reason We're Here" makes a bit of sense. The obvious question a prospective fan would have is, "I give up: what's the reason?" If the answer is supposed to be "playoffs," then I think the response would be, "Oh, you're not usually in the playoffs? Well, forget it then." I also think slogans are only noticeable or relevant when your team is a bottom-feeder, and slogans like that can only make sense to people who already go to the games; and to them, the slogan is embarrassing, since it only reinforces their self-loathing by reminding them of the fact that the Kings have missed the playoffs for a number of years.

The Wings don't need a slogan, do they? They might have one, but people go to games because the team is great.

All slogans are stupid and degrading when applied to people. The Kings aren't a movie, or a car or whatever. "This time, it's personal." "You'll wish it were only make-believe." "In space, no-one can hear you scream."

How about:


Puck you..."

(see, slogans are stupid)

Maybe "Slogans are stupid" would be a good slogan.

I think Luc thought of ORWH. It doesn't sound like an English-speaker's phrase.

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