So what if Waddell is in New Jersey watching the Kings? That doesn't necessarily mean anything!

Atlanta Thrashers GM Don Waddell at Devils-Kings game - - News

Atlanta Thrashers GM Don Waddell is in New Jersey tonight taking in the Devils game against Los Angeles from the Prudential Center's press box. The Kings are reportedly high on the list of teams trying to acquire Thrashers' captain Ilya Kovalchuk prior to the March 3 trade deadline. Waddell told that he did not want to do an interview if it centered on Kovalchuk, but did say that he is still trying to sign the Russian sniper who is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. Waddell added that he is aware of the kind of speculation his presence at this game will cause, but he stressed that he's at this game tonight to scout the two teams, something he rarely gets a chance to do when he's watching his own team play.

Yes, of course, that makes perfect sense. Because it's important to scout your opponent when you have an up-coming game against the Devils IN APRIL and one against the Kings NEXT SEASON.

The Thrashers played in Philadelphia on Thursday and instead of going with the team to Nashville for Saturday's game, Waddell stayed behind to catch some other games in the area. "When you are watching your own team play, you never get to scout the other team," Waddell told It is interesting that it just happens to be the Kings in New Jersey tonight and L.A. GM Dean Lombardi is in the building as well.

That has to be just about the most transparent nonsense I have ever heard. "Scouting the other team." That. You. Almost. Never. Play.