So when is Sharks' Presidents' Trophy parade? - San Jose Mercury News

So what positives can the Sharks draw from the fact that the darn puck just somehow decided on its own to go into the net more times for Anaheim?

They can finally schedule that Presidents' Trophy parade.

Doug Wilson needs extra time to figure out how to trade two guys with no-trade clauses.

Joe Thornton wants to avoid reporters for the next five months, so now that's a lot easier to do.

(Side note: Thornton skipping the media session after the last two losses should say a ton. Barry Bonds might have blown past everybody after he hit two home runs, but he was there after elimination games, even Game 7 of the World Series. Terrell Owens talks when it all goes up in flames, or did you forget the "that's my quarterback" tear-jerker? Rich Gannon and Tim Brown talked after the Super Bowl humiliation. The stars stand up.)

After the Sharks boosted payroll by $15 million and played four fewer home playoff games than a year ago (at an estimated $1 million a pop in revenue), someone might actually believe them when they say they lost money again.

They are living up to expectations, dummy. As the anchor for Canadian network TSN noted at the end of the highlights package Monday night, "No one picked the Sharks to go to the Cup final, I don't think, and there's a good reason."

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