Something I Just Figured Out (*or maybe I'm wrong)

As far as I can tell, Kevin Westgarth, Rich Clune and Trevor Lewis are no longer waiver-exempt. Given the mind-numbing nature of the waiver rules, there's a tiny chance I'm wrong about this. But I don't think so. [I've delayed posting this while I double-check my information, and I am more or less certain I'm right.]

If so, isn't this obviously the reason that Trevor Lewis, who has so far been underwhelming in camp (as Terry Murray's comments this morning on Rich Hammond's site underline), has not been sent down? I think Lombardi is holding onto Lewis rather than putting on the one-way Waiver Express to Edmonton or Toronto. Better to deal Lewis to a team that won't have to send him down (which means, he needs to get into some games, to show people he's worth whatever pick Lombardi is asking for in return).

Clune, meanwhile, has had a pretty good camp by all reports, and will make a fine agitator some day, maybe even this year. And Westgarth is big and scary and probably (maybe) ready for prime time. I'm not entirely downplaying the experience or abilities of these players. But I thought it was bizarre that Murray was essentially treating Westgarth -- a player with nine mediocre games of NHL experience, and nothing in the last year and a half -- as a lock for the 4th line before camp even started. And I think this explains it. Westgarth simply is making this team. Because they're not waiving him. Period.

UPDATE: Oh, and another one: Davis Drewiske. DD2 looks to me (but what do I know?) to have been outplayed by both Thomas Hickey and Jake Muzzin this month. Yet, Hickey is in Manchester. And Muzzin apparently may follow Hickey once Greene returns. And the logic for this? The 6th and 7th spots are better served by the NHL experience of Drewiske and Peter Harrold. Yes, I know. Drewiske has NHL experience. Uh huh. He played 17 pretty good games two seasons ago, and roughly 20 good games this year, followed by 20 crappy ones and, now, a not very good pre-season. That's not a ringing endorsement. And uber-bandaid Harrold, I don't think he's played more than a handful of games at defense in over a year.

But Harrold is not exempt. And Drewiske's exemption expires after his 60th career game, which is exactly one week away.