Speak of the Devil: a Mulletgate Update

Lombardi talks Fraser trade, Doughty " LA Kings Insider

As for Mulletgate, it continues. To refresh, the Kings disputed the trade that sent Smyth to Edmonton for Colin Fraser and a draft pick. The Kings, after examining Fraser, determined that he needed surgery that would prevent him from playing a chunk of the season. The Kings complained to the NHL, essentially claiming that the Oilers did not make the trade in good faith, and are seeking some type of undetermined compensation.

Note to Oilers fans who say Lombardi should take it up with the league instead of "crying" to the press: he did exactly that.

The Kings, of course, don’t want to void the trade. They wanted to trade Smyth (who asked for it) and now they can’t afford him anyway. This also came on the heels of the dispute involving Gilbert Brule, who was not allowed to be traded to/bought out by the Kings. It’s a lot of fun, really.


Here’s what Lombardi said about the dispute…

LOMBARDI: "We’ve had a couple talks with the league. We’ll probably know a little more by the end of the day. I guess it’s fair to say that (league lawyer) David Zimmerman is trying to play King Solomon again, in a good way."

Question: Are you looking to have Fraser returned to Edmonton (and just keep the draft pick)?

LOMBARDI: "Just something that is fair. [...] I’m open to anything. That’s kind of what we told David. Anything that’s fair. David has been involved in this. He knew exactly what happened with Brule, so he’s kind of had to walk through this whole thing too. So there are a number of avenues to correct it."

Yeah, Lombardi sure sounds unreasonable and petty, doesn't he? Seems like the league lawyers, the same ones who said Tambellini was wrong in the Brule matter, will decide whether Tambellini is wrong in the sequel. That works for me.