Speaking Lombardi, part #342,321

There's one word I want to focus on.

Lombardi update on Doughty " LA Kings Insider

Lombardi indicated that he would talk to team ownership and formulate a negotiation plan for the final days before the start of camp. Lombardi said that any issues involving a no-trade clause haven’t even been discussed with Doughty’s agent. "I intend to talk to ownership today and update Tim (Leiweke)," Lombardi said. "Anything we do, I have to have their approval or have them be on board. It’s fair to say that in the next 24 hours I’ll be talking to Tim and he will be talking to Mr. Anschutz. There has to be some finality in our approach."

Not that we don't all know what "finality" means, but here's Webster to remind us how -- well -- final it is.

finality (noun)

a : the character or condition of being final, settled, irrevocable, or complete
b : the condition of being at an ultimate point especially of development or authority
2 : something final; especially : a fundamental fact, action, or belief

Lombardi is seeking (by now has already received) approval on the line in the sand he will draw with Meehan this week. Whether this is a bluff or not is up to interpretation. My feeling: it's not a bluff, thus, the need to have ownership completely on board with the strategy, including the fact that there will be no more offers after this last salvo.

However, notice that Lombardi refers only to some finality. There's no such thing as "some finality." It's either final or it isn't. Welcome back, wiggle room!

My own personal subjective possibly irrational attitude is that I hope Lombardi delivers a final set of options for Doughty to choose from and then shuts down further dialogue, leaving Meehan to negotiate with himself.