Spoiled and Royal: Pets of the Los Angeles Kings

Want some dog pictures? We’ve got dog pictures!

I’ve been coping with Everybody Just Stay Home 2020 by obsessing over the idea of signing up to foster a dog right now. It’d be the perfect situation, as I’m now home essentially 24/7 so would have plenty of time to spend with a good doggo and also make sure he or she doesn’t, you know, want to eat cats.

I’m trying to resist the impulse, thought, and have instead embarked on the most difficult project of my journalistic career: cataloging — or, should I say, dogaloging — the pets of the Los Angeles Kings. We may have missed National Puppy Day by one day, but there’s never a bad time to look at pictures of dogs!

With recent departures of players like Tyler Toffoli and Alec Martinez, both proud dog dads, I figured I’d update you on the current state of the dog situation here. I only looked at guys currently on the NHL roster — although Meatball Luff does make a bonus appearance here.

You’re welcome.

Mikey Anderson

While Anderson himself doesn’t seem to have toted a pup along with him to sunny California, his family back home appears to have a very excited pip

Dustin Brown

Before Gustl, there was Milo, Dustin Brown’s goldendoodle. A quick Google reveals the breeder the Browns got Milo from, and I’m an adopt-don’t-shop person but holy crap look at these adorable puppies.

Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter’s trio of small dogs is legendary by now, and even though they never quite gather the votes to win Bark Madness, the very image of Carter wrangling all those pups is always going to be entertaining.

Drew Doughty

The longtime Kings defenseman has two dogs, Reggie and Meeka, though I could only find pictures of Reggie online. They are both very good dogs, though.

Martin Frk

One of the newer additions to the Kings, Frk and his girlfriend appear to have two Frenchies named Winston and Gigi.

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Showing me how to stickhandle

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Ben Hutton

Ben Hutton does not appear to have a dog. I did find this picture of him riding a horse, though.

But! Late-breaking news! It turns out the Hutton family does have a cat! The cat’s name is Buddy.

Adrian Kempe

Our favorite Swede doesn’t have any pets but here’s his latest Instagram post. Just, you know, because.

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Anze Kopitar

G-U-S-T-L. If you don’t know Gustl — who has his own Kopitar-family-adjacent-run Instagram and Twitter accounts — then where have you even been?

Blake Lizotte

This appears to be the Lizotte family dog. His name might be Bauer. Regardless of who he belongs to, he’s a good dog.

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Missing this guy right now! #Bauer #Soft

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Trevor Moore

One of the newest Kings players not only has his own dog, named Murphy, but Murphy has his own Instagram.

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Paws up #internationaldogday

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Cal Petersen

Here is our goalie of the future with a dog friend who may or may not be his. As an added bonus, they are on a boat and Cal is wearing a truly stupid hat.

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Bonita dog

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Matt Roy

Is this Matt Roy’s dog? Is it his girlfriend’s? Who cares; it’s cute!

Austin Wagner

The speedy forward’s family has a dog named Cope. Pictures are hard to find, but this compilation of pics has got a bonus Meatball Luff in it for your enjoyment.

Any dogs (or other pets!) of current Kings that we missed? Leave info on any omissions in the comments — bonus points for pointing us at pictures for said dogs. For, you know, reasons.