*ssburping from The Dark Ranger: Dany Heatley To The Kings? [my answer: not at those prices]

Not a snowball's chance in hell of this trade happening:

To the Senators

Alexander Frolov (32 goals last season) - 2.9 million cap hit

Oscar Moller (2nd round pick in 07 draft – 19 years of age 7 goals 8 assists in 40 GP)

Thomas Hickey (1’st round pick 07 draft – 4th overall)

A conditional pick based on Frolov resigning or not resigning with the Senators

This deal opens the door and cap room to sign Sykora for 1.5 million on a 2 year deal. (similar money as Bertuzzi)

To the Kings

Danny Heatley – a top player in the NHL who brings baggage but scores 40-50 every year.

via The Dark Ranger: Dany Heatley To The Kings?.

Yes, Dean Lombardi is all about trading away the cornerstones of the future for locker-room poison and a $7MM cap hit.