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Stadium Series

Road to the Stadium Series, Episode 4: Live Stream

It ends tonight! (It actually ended Saturday but whatever)

Featured Fanshot

Lovin' for Muzzin

I was at the Regal Civic Cinema at LA Live last night and I sat next to these amazing ladies who had uh altered their Muzzin Stanley Cup shirts with some writing on the back. #dammitMuzzin

Featured Fanshot

The Adventures of Martin Jones and His GoPro

"Yeah, you like that?" video courtesy of NHL PR

This stream has:

Full Coverage: Stadium Series, Kings @ Sharks

Ticketmaster was accidentally listing tickets to a Stadium Series game between the Kings and Sharks on February 21, 2015. Is another outdoor game coming up next season?

Quotes: Muzzin, Toffoli, Forbort, Nolan, Regehr

On dogs, Corsi, and Shorey. Plus, Dana Bryson discusses his new-found notoriety.

Sneak Peek: Levi's Stadium Ice

Levi's Stadium is ready for Kings/Sharks!

Road to the Stadium Series: Reversal of Fortune

After struggling for much of the first two episodes, we finally get to relive a bunch of Kings wins.

Road to the Stadium Series: Episode 2 Recap

This article contains spoilers for the episode, obviously

Ducks @ Kings: Paralysis by Analysis

Things are getting depressing around here...

Stadium Series Recap: Kings lose again, 3-0

Why is hockey

Kings Clips: Looking Ahead to Saturday

We now know a lot more about Saturday's Kings-Ducks game at Dodger Stadium. We also know a lot more about both teams going in.

Stadium Series Ticket Winner Announced!

It's fun and easy!

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[NEW VENUE] There Will Be Booze Puck Daddy Meet-Up

Come on down to Big Wangs Downtown LA and meet the people you've been arguing with for all these years.

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Photo: Dodger Stadium with a hockey rink

Ever wonder what Dodger Stadium would look like with a hockey rink? Well then, you're in luck.

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Here is the LA Kings lion mascot in KISS makeup

But why not the Catman?

[POLL] Do You Like the New Stadium Series Jerseys?