Star Phoenix: Eberle cooks on and off the ice


I was originally just going to post the bit in this article about Teubert, but, truly, this is one of the best player interviews I have ever read. I now love Jordan Eberle, who will be tearing it up for the Oilers in a couple of years. My favorite bits and the Teuert thing are in bold:

As a regular feature, StarPhoenix sports reporter Cory Wolfe gets personal with a sports figure. Today, Regina Pats forward Jordan Eberle gets cornered. The Pats play host to the Saskatoon Blades tonight at the Brandt Centre.

The SP: You're a fan of the TV show Entourage. What would be the most important position within your entourage? Chauffeur? Personal shopper? Deejay?

Eberle: I'd love a personal chef. And I'd have to have steak. I live with my grandparents, so I could just carry my grandma around. That'd work, too.

The SP: You're probably not going to find many chefs better than grandma anyway. Which song do you hope your teammates never find in your iPod?

Eberle: Oh, that's either my JoJo or I have a little bit of Spice Girls in there, too, like Spice Up Your Life.

The SP: You were the WHL's scholastic player of the year in 2008. Excluding sports, which Jeopardy category appeals to you?

Eberle: History, like the Roman Empire and that kind of thing. It really interested me and we learned a lot about it in high school.

The SP: When it comes to on-ice trash talk, do you give more or get more?

Eberle: I'd say it's even. I know guys like to get me off my game and I like to give it back. I don't like to initiate it, but I'm usually the one to end it.

The SP: Give me an example of a line that you've heard.

Eberle: Well, I can't remember what the guy said to me first, but I just told him, "You're an awful hockey player." And he said, "I'm not the worst player in the league. There are definitely players that are worse than me." I just had nothing to say back to that. (Laughs)

The SP: Which piece of equipment are you most particular about?

Eberle: Sticks, for sure. I spend probably 30 minutes a game on my stick and I tape it between each period and I make sure it's perfect before every game.

The SP: In a Nike commercial, you're shown rattling off the names of your sticks -- "Lisa, Ashley, Whitney . . ." Which lady helped you score the tying goal against Russia with 5.4 seconds left in last January's world junior semifinal?

Eberle: To be honest, I don't name my sticks, so I said (to the commercial crew,) "What do you want me to name them?" They told me to name the girls in my life, so Lisa, Ashley and Whitney are my mom and my two sisters.

The SP: That's pretty cool. Who's your celebrity dream girl?

Eberle: Kristen Bell.

The SP: And how would you show her a good time in your hometown of Regina?

Eberle: We could go quadding. (Laughs)

The SP: I'm sure a second date would be imminent. What's the weirdest superstition you've witnessed?

Eberle: I've seen guys who have to put on their equipment the exact same way every time -- left shin pad, right shin pad, left skate, other skate. I haven't really seen crazy things, but I saw a guy puke before every game. He threw up before every single game. That was with the Pats. He didn't make our team, but he tried out.

The SP: You've become quite familiar with Pat Quinn, considering that he coached the Canadian junior team and also guides the Edmonton Oilers. Describe a memorable Quinn line.

Eberle: On an off-day (during the world junior tournament) he told us that we needed to get some sleep and stay off our Sega Genesis.

The SP: Does Pat know that Xbox exists?

Eberle: (Laughs) I'm not sure. He only calls it Sega Genesis, so . ...

The SP: Name the single biggest factor in your evolution from a seventh-round bantam pick to a first-round NHL pick.

Eberle: My confidence. You're more of an underdog when you're a seventh-round pick. I kind of showed everyone what I could do and turned it around, so my confidence on the ice is a lot better. The (2008) under-18 tournament in Kazan, Russia, was kind of the turnaround point for me. That's when I thought, "I can really play with these players."

The SP: Who is the toughest WHL defenceman to beat 1-on-1?

Eberle: Colten Teubert in practice. We're pretty competitive with each other, so I think he probably plays me harder than any guy that I've played in the Western Hockey League.

The SP: And the toughest WHL goalie to beat?

Eberle: Garrett Zemlak (of the Prince Albert Raiders). He's always had my number since I've been in the league.

The SP: Well, he is the reigning Canadian Hockey League goalie of the week, so you're not the only one. Besides hockey awards, which trophy would you most like to win?

Eberle: Probably The Masters.

The SP: So a green jacket?

Eberle: Yeah, a green jacket.

The SP: When was the last time you cheated in golf?

Eberle: Probably the last time I played.

The SP: And finally, what tops your bucket list?

Eberle: Climbing some sort of mountain or winning the Stanley Cup.

The SP: They're kind of the same thing, Jordan.

Eberle: (Laughs) No kidding.

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