Stars 2, "Kings" 1 -- Post-Game Bullets (by my eight year old)

  • We went to the game last night. My son's first game of the year. I did not color his opinion or influence him in any way. He loves the Kings. He can name every player and every number and every line.
  • Although he makes the mistake of thinking that the lines stay the way they were the last time he watched a game.
  • Midway through the second period, he said, "the Kings are only behind one to nothing, but it feels like it's eight to nothing."
  • At one point he said, "if I dump the puck in instead of passing to the open man, I get yelled at."
  • Midway through the third period, he asked me why Drew Doughty wasn't playing.
  • I asked him what his favorite part of the game was, and he said, "the Pumpernickel, and the guy who said, after everyone yelled DALLAS SUCKS, 'of course, the Kings suck, too'."