Sturm For...Nothing?

Ah, So Lombardi Got the Old O'Donnell/Modin Terms. Sean O'Donnell, you might recall, was acquired in trade with Anaheim for a conditional pick which turned out to be...nothing. And last Spring Lombardi got Fredrik Modin from Columbus for a conditional 7th round pick, the condition being that Columbus only got the pick if...the Kings...(wait for it)...won the Stanley Cup. Now, Marco Sturm...

Quotes from Chiarelli on Sturm Trade | Pro Sports Blogging

"Keep in mind the value of cap space. That’s what you have to keep in perspective. I’m not trying to justify trading him for nothing. Of course you’d like to get a return for a good player, but that’s really the being able to do it now versus later, it helps both sides. [...] Whenever you see 'future considerations,' it’s usually nothing. [laughs] In fact, it always is nothing. [...] And I’ve got to give Dean [Lombardi] credit for acting on this because he’s getting a good player for nothing in return. And he’s familiar with the player and he’s proactive."