Apparently, Colten Teubert is acting badly:

[A] couple folks have e-mailed me for my take on "Teubertgate". [F]or those of you who don’t know what that is, the Pats’ Colten Teubert chased Brandon’s Mark Stone around the ice with a minute left in Brandon’s 10-2 win over the Pats on Friday, until Stone dropped the gloves. Teubert KO’d Stone in the fight and Stone ended up in the hospital overnight with a concussion. Needless to say, some members of the Wheat Kings were not happy with Teubert and let him know on his way off the ice, as well as (allegedly) outside the Pats dressing room. (via Tuesday musings | OHL Hockey News)

Now, there's really just no way this is the whole story. Unless Teubert has more than one screw loose. Hopefully, there was an inciting incident that required Colten's "attention." Otherwise, it's not really what you would call good leadership. I went to the score sheet, and noticed that there were no fewer than twenty major or misconduct penalties in the game, only one of which (the fighting major) was Teubert's; so whatever happened, Teubert is not the only actor. A Wheat-Kings blog has some more details, none of which make Teubert look any better:

Teubert [...] followed the winger around the ice despite his team being on a 5-on-3 penalty-kill and was going to be assessed slashing and elbowing penalties before the fight happened. [...] Somehow, Teubert maanged to escape an instigator penalty on the play and what would have been an automatic game misconduct. The incident so irked the Wheat Kings that Brandon co-captain Brayden Schenn [...] came across the ice while Teubert was being escorted to the Regina dressing room to give the defenceman his opinion of what transpired. (via Luber's Lounge)

Apparently, this is all on the video, which unfortunately has been pulled from both youtube and hockeyfights.com by the Wheat Kings. I would love to know the whole story though. Anybody see this clip before it was pulled?