"That's Why You Play": Papa Sutter Wants You Spoiled People To Get A Grip

The Los Angeles Kings have done almost nothing wrong this spring. Their only failing continues to be an inability to complete sweeps. --NHL.com

Ever since Game 4, reporters have been pushing this narrative: when the Kings go up 3-0, they've only swept their opponents once. This is now a "puzzling problem."

Do they know how asinine that sounds?

Darryl Sutter can tell you.

When someone began to lead off with, "Game Four has always been somewhat of a problem for you," he snorted with laughter. The very idea that closing the series in four games should be easy or a 'given' is crazy to him. He's drilled it in the heads of his players: respect your opponents, never get too far ahead, and play every game like the series is 0-0.

Yesterday, before boarding the plane to New Jersey, he added this zinger:

Continue to play the way we’re playing. That’s why you play series. Unfortunately, we have some spoiled people that think that everyone wins 16 in a row or something. A little confusing to me. --LA Kings Insider

Darryl Sutter is a man who has spent a lifetime devoted to hockey, as a player, GM, and coach. He's never won a Cup. He knows just how hard it is to make it to win #16. He would never underestimate a tough, determined opponent like the Devils in a million years.

I'm glad Sutter is on our side. As long as reporters make these silly assumptions, you can expect him to fire back.

There's a series to play.