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Will Mike Richards Survive the Buyout Window?

Trade? Buyout? King for Life? Tell us what you think will happen to #10.

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The Kings' ($71.4 Million) Salary Cap Situation

Now that we've figured out who's locked in, it's time to see how much space the Kings will have to sign free agents.

Kings Roster and Salary Cap Update

The Kings are back. Remember them? No? Well, this will catch you up.

Choose Your Troops, Part II: 25 Players, 23 Spots

The Kings have everyone they need for a full roster; now, it's a matter of making the pieces fit. Who stays and who goes?

Choose Your Troops: 2013 Offseason Plotting Thread

What does Dean Lombardi have to do to keep our LA Kings competitive over the summer? Tell us your dream roster for next season, and look to the future.

Kings Re-Sign Robyn Regehr. Thoughts?

The Kings' trade deadline acquisition gets a shiny new deal from Dean Lombardi. He'll earn $6 million over the next two years.

Who stays? Lombardi plans for the cap crunch ahead

The salary cap's going down $6 million next year, but the Kings' master capologists are thinking ahead -- planning everything around Brown's next contract. Here's why I'm calm about the roster turnover to come.

Kings' 2011-12 cap situation rhymes with pucks

I'll bet you forgot there's no bonus cushion next year. Didn't you?

"What can the PA actually do?" and other imponderables



Good Luck With That

I Don't See a Problem for the Devils Signing Kovy This Year and Parise Next Year

Bowman on Salary Cap: "We exploited it in a way."

Dammit! I missed the Puck Daddy Live Chat!

Hawks Match Offer Sheet - Everyone Meets Up at Cap Geek

Sharks sign Hjalmarsson to Offer Sheet - Hawks can't match without dumping Sharp, Bolland, Seabrook or Niemi

BREAKING: Many Teams Hit With Bonus Cushion Penalty

Hawks Cap: What I Predicted and What Happened

Ladd to Atlanta? Well, I called that one, didn't I?

Hawks Cap Nightmare Alllllllllmost Over

No, Chicago, You Can't Retroactively Put People on LTIR, and, No, It Wouldn't Help You Anyway

Byfuglien, Sopel, Eager to Atlanta -- Hawks Not Done Shedding

Hawks Catch a Break

...and then give it all back and more. What now?

Hawks Catch a Break How to Make Your Cap Nightmare Worse

Hawks lower their own cap ceiling $4-5MM

What do Campbell, Huet, Sopel, Ladd, Boynton, Bolland, Madden, Beach and Barker have in common?

No, not that cup thing.

Chapter IX: In Which I Vacillate Wildly Re Kovalchuk

I'm pretty sure I will be thrilled, relieved, terrified and disappointed no matter what happens.

I Take Back Everything I Said About the Sharks' Cap Situation

Sharks' cap chart with newer less stupid numbers!

No Cap-22 for Sharks

Chicago Cup Run Showcases Talent for Fire Sale

What's your preference: Salary dumps? Humiliating demotions to the AHL? Buy-outs? Who says you can't have it all.

I'll Bite: Who is Leiweke Talking About?

I think I have a pretty good ideov.

Hmm: someone mentioned a hypothetical trade of Kovalchuk to Chicago