The Copper & Blue weighs the value of Patrick O'Sullivan

When O'Sullivan was acquired at the trade deadline, his acquisition along with a second round draft pick in exchange for impending UFA Erik Cole and a 5th rounder was widely considered a master stroke by Oilers' GM Steve Tambellini. "We got two years plus of O'Sullivan for 20 games of Cole ... what a steal!" went the refrain. Indeed, when Tambellini converted the second-rounder into Ales Kotalik, a big experienced winger who came a lot closer than O'Sullivan did to replacing Cole down the stretch, the argument could be made that Oilers got O'Sullivan for next to nothing.

Except the man with the unfortunate acronym of "POS" came with a contract, one that included both term and substantial dollars. In other words, we got an asset and a liability. Which weighs more?

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