The Hockey's Future site no longer appears to have Brandon Segal info, but here's a cut/paste of the HF write-up that found its way to the HF Boards

Brandon Segal has soft hands in close quarters and is a willing combatant along the boards and in front of the net. He shows the ability to be at the right place at the right time and score goals when given the ice time and opportunity.

His on-ice awarenes both offensively and defensively are generally solid and he seems to find cracks in the defensive coverage.

His stick-handling and passing are both good but he seems to be at his best when he is cycling the puck along the boards. His positioning and foot work allow him to create chances when he is moving the puck in the trenches.

Shows true character when sticking up for teammates whether they were justified in thier actions or not. He is certainly not afraid to drop his gloves if needed and will dole out some punishment with his hitting prowess as well.

There are some aspects in his overall game that need improvement if he wishes to make the jump to the NHL, like his foot speed when coming off the boards and driving towards the net could have more explosiveness. Although he has a fine skating form he seems to be missing another gear.

via TRADE: Ducks acquire Brandon Segal from Preds for Future Considerations - ALLDUCKS.COM.