The One Piece in the Back of His Mind

Lombardi, on Ponikarovsky " LA Kings Insider
HAMMOND: Going forward with the Kovalchuk thing, are you still keeping an eye on that? Will you make a trade if it comes along, or are you waiting to see about the resolution on Kovalchuk?

LOMBARDI: "I don’t know how practical that is. That whole circumstance, you see it in a lot of things, not just sports. The issue is a lot bigger, and involves so many other interests. It goes well beyond just the player and his team. I certainly felt, from my end, that we couldn’t wait for that to play out. I think we needed something. We’ve been seriously weighing our options here, and I don’t think the chances of this…well, I shouldn’t comment on it either way."

HAMMOND: Whether it’s that [Kovalchuk], or something else, do you feel the need to go get another player this summer, maybe that same type of top-six forward, or is that not something you see as an absolute necessity?

LOMBARDI: "I can’t say, but there’s kind of one piece that I’m looking at, that I have in the back of my mind.

Top six forward. Same type as IK. Trade possibility. Who are the candidates? Brainstorm in the comments and I'll throw them all into a poll.