The Teal Side: Dany Heatley/Charlie Sheen Axis

A quick hit from the morning skate: Thomas Greiss’s practice role, Dany Heatley’s latest T-shirt | Working the Corners

One 5-on-3 drill featured Thomas Greiss in full goalie gear as one of the three defenders. Oops, may have tipped Terry Murray and the Kings on that one.

I doubt the Kings would be able to score on a 5-on-3 even then. Although, come to think of it, you can't have two goalies from one team on the ice at the same time, so that means...the net would be wide all the Kings would have to do is get a shot thr-- never mind.

And the T-shirt Dany Heatley was wearing after practice triggered a few comments and a lot of grins. It’s message: "Duh, winning!"

Ah, role models.

Anyone else detect a whiff of over-confidence in this story? One can only hope it's emanating from the locker room. (Though they can't really be that stupid, can they?)