The Teal Side: (Somebody) Must-Win

Sharks Gameday: Hot Water Music - Fear The Fin

The Sharks could easily be down 3-2 in this series if game three's comeback hadn't happened. In fact, the Sharks could easily have lost the series already if Joe Pavelski hadn't been Joe Pavelski in overtime of game one. Now that you mention it, the Sharks could have already won the series if Jonathan Quick didn't eat his Wheaties.

Expanding our parameters a bit, this series may have never been played if Wayne Gretzky hadn't been traded from Edmonton in 1988, if the Industrial Revolution hadn't happened, or if John Quincy Adams hadn't swam across the Potomac river in the nude every morning. The mind boggles at the possibilities.

The mind boggles at the construction "hadn't swam." I'm not picking on it. I just can't figure out what it should be. Hadn't swum? Hadn't swimmed is right out. Anyway...

Tonight, San Jose needs three simple things they haven't gotten consistently this series-- goaltending, the first goal, and control of the neutral zone. It's simple. Make the Kings work for their goals, force them to play catch up early, and abandon the desire to lug the puck through the neutral zone through two forwards and two defenseman camped out at the red and bluelines respectively.

That's as many as six things. Five and a half. My guess is, the team with the tightest defense wins.

Must-win? In the Fragile Psyche Cup (which ultimately applies more to the people watching the game than the ones actually playing in it),

I respectfully disagree. But at this point the winner of the FPsyC might be...the Canucks.

it most certainly is. Every shift is a must-win. [...] Prediction: Sharks win 6-5. Goals by a lot of people.

God, I hope there aren't eleven goals in this game.