This is a Pointless Exercise

But still I find myself thinking about it. Because it's August.

The following jersey numbers are unclaimed as of now:

4 - last worn by Rob Blake. Reserved for Hickey?

10 - last worn by Alyn McCauley. Reserved for Schenn?

12 - last worn by POS

19 - last worn by Kyle Calder

21 - last worn by Denis Gauthier

22 - last worn by Brian Boyle. Hold for TWO-bert (see below).

25 - last worn by Matt Moulson

27 - last worn by Kyle Quincey

29 - last worn by Jeff Giuliano

and blah blah blah, who cares after that?

Teubert wears #20 for Regina, but that's obviously not available. He wore #2 for Team Canada, and that's not happening. Oh, I get it: TWO-bert. He likes 2's. So he'll take 22. Duh. Loktionov will take #90, right (his Windsor number)? But we still need a good 12, 19 and 21.