Thursday Night's Blown Points Standings

Two points "awarded" for every loss, one point for every OTL/SOL. Lowest point total is best. In parentheses are the official (ESPN) rankings, when the ranking is different.

Blue Jackets lose. Wings lose. Ducks lose. Avs lose. Flames lose. San Jose gets a "loser point."

  1. Chicago 15 (2)
  2. Calgary 17 (3)
  3. San Jose 17 (1)
  4. Los Angeles 22 (4)
  5. Nashville 22 (8)
  6. Phoenix 23
  7. Dallas 23
  8. Colorado 24 (5)
  9. Vancouver 24
  10. Detroit 24 (11)
  11. Columbus 25 (10)
  12. St. Louis 25
  13. Minnesota 27 (14)
  14. Edmonton 30 (13)
  15. Anaheim 30

Changed totals are in bold. San Jose's loser point and Calgary's loss puts Chicago on top (in the real world, San Jose's loser point keeps them in 1st -- where's the logic in that?). Detroit's and Colorado's losses drop them into a three-way tie for 8th (in the real world, Colorado is 5th and Detroit is 11th). The rest is more or less the same, or exactly the same. Because of Detroit's and Colorado's losses, the Kings and Nashville creep upward into a tie for 4th.

DANGER/WARNING: three points separate 4th from 12th. If you look at ESPN, that same spread (4th to 12th) is NINE points. But it's not really. It's an illusion. And that's the point of looking at points-blown.