Tidbits You Could Have Found Yourself, If You Weren't So Lazy

  • Puck Daddy links to THN article on lead paint in hockey sticks. As a hypochondriacal parent with a drawer full of lead-test kits, I take this very seriously. But I do need to point out the obvious punch-line here, which is that lead poisoning causes your child to become stupid and aggressive. So, you know, write your own joke. (THN: Popular sticks have lead paint - Ken Campbell - NHL - Sporting News)
  • Great blog I had never heard of (and now I've forgotten who to "hat tip" for it) called A Theory of Ice. In this post, he muses on the total disconnect between a player's greatness and abject cup-less failure and gnashing of teeth. He also calls the Regina Pats the most effeminate team name in hockey history.
  • Fly on the Wall moment: "We joked about who had it worse.'' That's two players traded this week from different bottom feeders to the same slightly better struggling team. Guess who? (The Hockey News: Say What: Say What?!? - March 5)/

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