To me, that sounds like Justin Williams is playing in Game One

Williams takes first step toward return " LA Kings Insider
[...] Here’s what Williams said, after practice, about the possibility of his return…

WILLIAMS: "[...] The coach and I and the training staff will make a decision about whether I can go or not."

Question: And the news you got on Saturday, in terms of the strength test, was good?

WILLIAMS: "The news was good, yeah. My strength is up to par and everything. I just need to get comfortable out there and not think about it and just see how it progresses throughout the week. If I go out there and I’m timid, I’m not going to do it. [...]."


Here’s what Terry Murray said when asked about the chance of Williams’ return…

MURRAY: "[...] He’s basically (been) given the green light to get himself ready. Now it comes down to, how does he feel? He’s going to have to come to me and tell me that he’s ready to go."

So, let me get this straight. Justin Williams, known warrior and character guy, has been medically cleared to play and all that stands in his way is Justin Williams's own opinion of whether Justin Williams is mentally ready to play in a playoff game?

Maybe I don't know how to read, but I put the odds of Williams sitting out game one at about 1% (Murray changes his mind and says no). The odds of him sitting out game two are exactly zero.